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Our Story

In the Beginning

Born among the rolling hills of the Midwest farmlands, from a young age, Broseph Smith had heard prophecies of a faraway land, where the snow was deep as the mountains tall. Then one day, upon receiving a vision, Broseph packed up his truck, dog, and future wife, with his sights set on Zion. After a long, arduous journey, he arrived at the promised land and announced to all who cared to hear, “this must be the place.”

Soon thereafter, Broseph started selling wares out of his basement in order to fund a ski pass. That first winter turned to many, as he continues to spread the message of the Church of the Powder Day Saints from the mountain top.

Our Message

Here at the Church of the Powder Day Saints, we believe in those who forge their own path, seek their own destiny, and write their own bible. We uphold those who pursue life on their terms, whether that’s calling out sick for some fresh Tuesday turns, bumping chairs for a ski pass, or building a life in the mountains with those they love.

Our Beliefs

We believe in quality over margins. We’re committed to sourcing the best materials and eco-friendly printing practices available. We believe that by providing a superior product, it will last longer in your closet and therefore reduce the chance of it ending up in a landfill prematurely. Sure, we could sell a cheaper shirt, printed overseas in a factory with no regulatory oversight, and probably make more money, but that’s not what we’re about.

We believe in protecting the lands which enable our pursuits. This includes supporting individuals and organizations who fight for environmental policies that promote clean water and air, a healthy climate, public lands, and decreasing our reliance on non-renewable resources.

Furthermore, we recognize that many groups, have been historically underrepresented, and marginalized within the outdoor recreation and ski industries. Skiing is a privilege in itself, and today more than ever it has become a sport of the select few. In the past, we’ve donated and will continue to donate to individuals and organizations that seek to promote skiing for all. 

Now go forth & shred!