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Ski Bum Trucker
Ski Bum Trucker
Ski Bum Trucker

Ski Bum Trucker

$31.99 $25.99

I was bummin' in a hole-in-a-wall town in what is now called Utah. Some fella from Colorado shows up, starts making so called "improvements", right? Before we knew what hit us, the streets are running with latte. It got so bad that a fella that liked to, you know... smoke a little grass or drink a little ripple. Crow like a rooster, maybe challenge the mayor's son to a gentlemen's duel, was "uncouth, against God." More like bad real estate values. Stumpy had to go - support your local ski bum!


  • Classic Foamy Trucker
  • Crown height: medium (3.5" high)
  • Flat Bill
  • Snapback
  • One Size Fits Most